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Poodle Dog?? What's that?

Who would have thought that there were mountain bike trails in LA?? Shock was the consensus of us IMBA staffers when we hit Strawberry Peak Trail, but it was a good shock indeed! The terrain that lies right outside of the busy city limits is steep and scenic with the beautiful landscape mixed with city backdrop. It was truly a wonderful sight. The further you venture out into the trails, the more remote you feel, a refreshing escape from city life for the local riders of the LA area.

Once thing is for sure about these LA riders, they are strong. With the grade and steep side slopes of the legacy trails they ride on out here, it’s no wonder we could hardly keep up. And yet, they do it with a smile. The passion for cycling in this area truly radiates as bright as the city lights from below our Thursday night ride up Haines Canyon. The enthusiasm here was contagious!

Along with CORBA, and many local riders and supporters, we built a nice retaining wall to get around an eroded section out on Strawberry Peak! There were some areas that also needed a little love, so we gave it where we could. The group learned how to use clinometers to measure grade, rough flag, pin flag and clear corridor for future use. All while trying our best to avoid the infamous Poodle Dog bushes that came to be the topic of most conversation on trail day.

We want to give special thanks to Stephen Messer of CORBA for being such a great host! We enjoyed our time with him and honestly learned a lot as well. And thanks for providing lunch to all our volunteers on Saturday! Also, to the numerous volunteers, CORBA and the Forest Service staff that attended and helped out! You guys were wonderful to work with. And finally, to the City of Pasadena, for donating the room to present our Trail Building School in.

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