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The Old Humbug Gets A Facelift!

This weekend, we headed over to Yreka CA to work with one of IMBAs newest Chapters, JMBA (Jefferson Mountain Bike Association). With Yreka being a small town, we were not sure what to expect, but this group was full of energetic and ready to work folks.

We presented Better Living Through Trails on Friday evening to a very enthusiastic group! It was refreshing to see so many individuals from a small community really engaging in mountain biking. Trail Building School the next day was even better, with a room full of smiles and laughter! Guess we didn’t think we were all that funny, but the group had several break out laugh sessions that kept the mood lighthearted and rolling.

This continued out onto the trail in the afternoon. With 18 volunteers, we hiked out to a spot off of the AARP trail in Greenhorn Park to build a connector trail. This connector trail will not only cut out a large rutted out section of road, but also double as a new addition to the Humbug Hurry-Up mountain bike race.

At the end of the day, we had cut in over 1200 feet of new buttery single-track trail! That is an impressive number for 18 people! After trail construction started to wind down, we retraced our steps and talked about areas that could use more finishing or even have incorporated optional lines. We call this our “walk and talk”, something that we have recently started doing at the end of each workday. JMBA members and volunteers responded with pleasure to our questions about their experiences, and as a group, we decided to sum up the day by flagging out some potential berms for their next workday!

A huge thanks to Jill (our host) and JMBA for all of the hard work and planning that went into this visit! Great Trails build Community and Community builds great trails! The community in and around Yreka is well on its way to perfecting this statement! We are proud to have them on as an IMBA Chapter and hope to see more good things come from them in the future. Thank you Best Western Miner's Inn for the wonderful accomodations!



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Thank You Lori & Jesse

It was an awesome weekend! Thank you so much for your positive energy and expertise! Kudos for hanging in with our State of Jefferson humor! We feel very lucky to have had the TCC in our little town. Your visit energized and motivated our club and I'm sure it will have a lasting impact on our trails and our community. Cheers!