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Not All of Florida is Flat

If you have the notion that Florida is a flat sandy state, you’re right. Well, mostly. Tallahassee might be one of the few exceptions to this rule.

We were pleasantly surprised to come to Tallahassee to work with TMBA and find that we had a lot of rolling hills to build on. This area is not only rolling, but there is actually soil as well, red clay to be exact.  We toured several trails via group rides, and got accustomed to the terrain we were to be working with on Saturday. I was personally impressed by the amount of climbing there was in Tallahassee.

Aside of several group rides and fun in the sun, we did actually work. Thursday we presented out Land Manager Training, and Saturday was the infamous Trail Building School. Post TBS, we headed out to Magnolia to break ground on a new trail that would leave from, one of the several, trailheads. We were super stoked on the idea that our trail would be one that each person who gets out of the car at that particular location, would ride. You could see the trail from the road as you pass by. It was prime real-estate and we were getting to design it!

With 30 volunteers we were able to build a little over 1000 feet of new contour trail that sits beautifully next to a small retention pond. The red clay really pops against the green grass and blue sky out there in the open.  The volunteers were proud, as were we, to see the trail upon completion of the day.

Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend to support Tallahassee Mountain Bike Association! This is a great group with a solid core as well as the motivation required to make big changes. We really enjoyed every aspect of the weekend, although I think we have never come away from a weekend quite so tired! The group rides were awesome and you guys did a stand up job with organizing all you events. We appreciate your hard work and enthusiasm.

Thank you Chuck Goodheart for allowing the work to be done and supporting this organization. Cooperation between Land Managers and Club Leaders is essential to any successful partnership.

There was a lot of media attention surrounding this weekend’s visit. We really enjoyed doing interviews and helping out when we could. Those reporters and support crews stood through our presentations and out in the heat just as long as our volunteers! Thanks for all you do!

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