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No Rocks on a Trail in PA?!

This weekend, we got to hang out in Dallas, PA with the Anthracite Mountain Pedalers (AMP) and teach some dirt church. Over the course of our three days in Dallas, we gave a new, and still to be improved upon, Club Care presentation, Land Manager Training and Trail Building School.

Thursday evening was our Club Care presentation. We had been thinking lately that we could improve Club Care to make it feel more personal for each Club or Chapter that requests it. So, AMP was our first group to receive the Club Care JLo 2.0.

We hoped that the group would give us feedback that would help us determine if we can continue using this model or not. The session went well, so plan on seeing some updates in the Club Care session from us, and from crews to come.

Trail Building School went as according to plan and, as always, we had tons of amazing and excited volunteers! With 25 people, we headed out to the trail at Francis Slocum and fully completed a 250 foot reroute that removed a rooted out and widened section of trail. We were able to complete the closure of the old trail as well. The crew worked hard and put down some awesome single track. We were quite surprised by the lack of rock in the particular section we worked in. By the end of the day, the joke was “Well, there is no trail like this anywhere else in Pennsylvania”. The trail was smooth as butter, check it out in the blog pictures!

Thank you to all the volunteers and AMP members who came to our sessions and showed support for sustainable trail building.

To see all the pictures from this weekends events, click here!

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