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No More Blues...

Despite the “pre-trail building downpour”, 20 volunteers made the haul up Emerald Mountain with us to build and finish some single track trail on what was once deemed the "Blue's Bridges" trail. Lovingly named and signed by an anonymous trail user who built a ski bridge over a downed tree. The trail will be renamed and the ski bridge was removed due to safety and lack of proper avenues to acquire permission to construct it.

Volunteers consisted of Routt County Riders, local advocates and business owners and employees. With those 20 folks, we nearly completed a section of reroute that will close off a huge fall line section of trail known as “The Stairway to Heaven”. We we’re cut a little short due to a second sudden downpour, but there was a lot of good work done in the time we had! The group started the construction of two berms and dug in 800 feet of new connector trail while also closing about 50 feet of old trail and finishing some work on other sections of “Blue’s Bridges” to boot! We were Busy Bee’s!

Steamboat Springs, CO is a wonderful town! There are so many beautiful things to see and do, we would recommend it to anyone looking for a family vacation. The other local amenities outside of cycling truly make this a destination style town.

Thank you Eric Meyer for all of your hard work in putting together a great weekend and Trail Building School! I know there are a lot of things to think about when planning an event like this, but you did a wonderful job and we appreciate your work! Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers who came out to all the presentations and to Trail Building School. This was our first visit back from vacation! All the smiling faces and enthusiastic attitudes made it an easy transition back into work mode! A special thanks to Honey Stinger for donating on trail goodies! and to Freshies, for providing an amazing lunch!

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Thanks for all your help.

Thanks for all your help. Many people that attended expressed how much they enjoyed the presentation and trail building class. This service IMBA and the TCC provides communities is very good for the support of mountain biking.

Come back anytime, just remember to give yourself a week or more to get a better sampling of all the biking and other things to do while you are here.

If this proposal pans out (, you'll have to stay for two or more weeks!