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New Year, New Trails Goals!

The New Year means New Trail goals for a Tucson club, Sonoran Desert Mountain Bikers. There are lots of maintenance projects to be done in the Tucson area, and lots of warm weather to boot! So with SDMB and lots of awesome volunteers, we set out to put some tools in the ground and check off some of those New Year’s goals.

Saturday afternoon at Tucson Mountain Park, we had planned to reroute a fall line section of trail on Starr Pass. This particular section of the trail needed a reroute because the trail was to steep and beginning to cup, not allowing proper water drainage. As you all know, there is no fix for a fall line section of trail. Unfortunately, our proposed reroute fell outside of the previously surveyed section of land, so we has to postpone any reroutes until the Land Manager is able to get the land surveyed.

Instead, we opted to lead a flagging and inclinometer class for volunteers who wanted to learn the methods behind laying down a flag line. We practiced measuring grade with the clinos and several volunteers walked the proposed flag line and gave ideas and asked questions to better understand the process. It was a success! At the same time, we had another group digging their tools into that fall line section, putting in drains and knocking out the cupping in the trail. All around, our volunteers took home a lot of new knowledge about trail building in Tucson!

We would like to thank Sonoran Desert Mountain Bikers and all our volunteers for coming out and supporting Tucson! Also, thank you Evan and Meredith for allowing us to stay in your home for the weekend. You were great hosts! Good luck with your future trail endeavors!


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