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New Trail for NITRO

This weekend was a busy one! We worked with NITRO, the Northern Indiana Trail Riders Organization, in Fort Wayne, IN.  Our line up for the weekend consisted of Club Care, Land Manager Training, Trail Building School, various social hours and a group ride.

The classrooms sessions went well and were all very productive.  NITRO is a relatively new Chapter of IMBA, but already in their short time together, they have made wonderful progress within their board and are already hosting events and regular workdays. There is a lot that is going to come from this group in the future and it shows from the motivation we saw them display.

On Saturday, we took 25 volunteers out into the field at Franke Park and put into practical application everything they learned in Trail Building School. We worked toward rerouting a trail that had several blind turns, fall lines and in general, had flow issues. We closed down about 600 feet of that trail and bench cut in the same amount up on the contour. There is still much to do, but it was a great start!

We appreciate all of the sponsors from the weekend! Summit City Bike Shop provided lunch and goodies for everyone throughout the weekend, Don Hall’s guesthouse put us up for free and HMBA (Hoosier Mountain Bike Association) provided tools for NITRO and volunteers!


For a full set of this weekends photos, click here!

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