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Music, Food, Beer and Bikes! What More Could You Want?

We met the wonderful members of TOMMBA, the Top Of Michigan Mountain Bike Association, this weekend out in Boyne Falls, Michigan! We were tasked with re-routing a small fall line section of the North Country Trail right off of Slashing N Road. The section was becoming a small washout and since the soil in the area is so sandy, we needed to contour the trail to fit the sustainable grade guideline. Steve Schnell (our host and TOMMBA Board member) had pre-flagged the re route for us. He did an excellent job and we only had to tweak the flagline slightly before calling it build ready.

Friday, we presented Land Manager Training to some of the folks from the Boyne Falls DNR, and also Better Living Through Trails. Rumor has it, the trails program was falling back on the DNR to do list, but after our presentations and a few conversations, we hear that there are going to be some changes made! This is very exciting news for TOMMBA and Boyne Falls residents. A great partnership is underway!

Friday evening, TOMMBA hosted a fundraiser concert/BBQ. This was a wonderful event that featured two bands, a silent auction, lots of food and beverages as well as great conversations. Through the course of the night, TOMMBA raised over 1500 dollars! This is going to help the club purchase tools and other necessary equipment. Thank you to everyone who gave donations and participated in the silent auction.

On Saturday, we presented the TCC famous Trail Building School. Post presentation, we went out to the North Country Trail to put into practical application what we had learned. The flag line we had previously settled on was about 400 feet long and with 17 volunteers, we knocked it out of the park! It was time to go home and rest up for the next mornings group ride.

A huge Thank You to Steve and Betsy Schnell and TOMMBA for making this weekend possible. I feel as if we reignited a few old flames in the trail community! I hope that with the help of the good folks of the DNR, Boyne Falls and partnering communities will soon enjoy some new or revamped trails. Thank You for the fun and festivities and all of the accomodations! Also, to all the volunteers and persons who came out to help build, attend presentations and fundraisers and join us on group rides. We really enjoyed our time with you and we look forward to passing through again to see the progress!


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