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More Trails for Cyclists!

This weekend we were back in the Great Lakes Region with CORA, the Cincinnati Off Road Alliance.

Our visit was focus around East Fork State Park in Bethel Ohio. Our weekend consisted of a couple fun social events, Land Manager Training and Trail Building School. With Easter festivities in full swing, I think we were all a little worried about the turnout we would get on Saturday for TBS.

In East Fork state Park, there is a hiking trail that is newly open to mountain bikers. This trail has several fall line creek crossings, which to a hiker, is no big deal. Crossing a creek is easy to step over if there are rocks, but to a mountain bike, crossing through a creek can be highly erosive to the ground on either side. So we weighed our options and determined that we needed to close down the existing trail and bench cut in some new single track on the opposing contour so we could avoid the creek all together. This would provide a scenic route along the hillside so and hiker or cyclists can look over the creek, without having to get wet or splash through it.

With 40 volunteers and CORA, after Trail Build School on Saturday, we headed into the woods to reroute the fall line trail by building our new contour trail and completely re-vegetating the old line. This took us no time at all with our excited group and wonderful weather. We had the new trail built and the old one closed within 2 and one half hours!

Thank you CORA and everyone who came out and helped us on Easter weekend! We really appreciate all that you do!


For a full set of this weekends pictures, click here!

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