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More Riding in the Midwest!

Louisville, Kentucky is about to move and shake the Midwest with a high level of new trails, a new bike park, and community connectivity. It is a great time to be a mountain biker in this region!

Our visit this weekend was centered around a Trail Building School at Waverly Park with the good folks of KyMBA, the Kentucky Mountain Bike Association. But before we put tools in the dirt, we had a lot of fun riding and hitting up the local brewpubs.

KyMBA Board hosted a group ride Friday evening to show us around the trails. After that, we were all hungry and thirsty, so we headed over to the Holy Grale for drinks and great food!

The next morning was Trail Building School, which went without a hitch. But it’s just like the Midwest to decide we needed a little rain because half way through the build, rain it did! We had flagged out about 800 feet, but with the rain making the trail slippery, we only finished about 600 feet. We packed it out a bit early, and decided that KyMBA would schedule another workday to finish.

The weather may have been unpredictable, but thankfully, the trails drain wonderfully in Louisville! We hit the trails Sunday morning for a membership group ride and BBQ filled day! This was the perfect way to sum up the weekend.

Thank you Billy and Brian, as well as the whole KyMBA crew, for all your hard work and dedication to Louisville!  There is a lot of excitement and momentum in your area, so the group cooperation and volunteer hours will pay off greatly in the long run! Good luck progressing together! We really look forward to passing through and riding the new trails and bike park with y’all.

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