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More Mountain Biking on Mt. Emily

Sometimes it takes seeing to believe! We experienced this over the weekend in La Grande, OR.

We met with several members of the local club, Blue Mountain Singletrack Trails Club, for a Club Care Presentation on Thursday evening. The group has been a club for a while, but we’re having a difficult time getting behind common goals. We discussed attainable options and settled on mapping and signing the trails! This is actually one of the first steps to becoming a destination, because you want your visitors to be able to access the trails with comfort and ease. The group was excited to hear more and I think even after we left the conversation, a lot of wheels were turning.

We also presented both Better Living Through Trails and Trail Building School over the weekend and we saw several light bulbs come on as the presentations progressed! When you have a group of mountain bikers who are used to doing things one way, sometimes a new set of eyes and new ideas can make the world of difference! BMSTC is getting behind the idea of becoming an IMBA chapter, and we could not be more excited!

We also did some great work out at Mount Emily Recreation Area (MERA). With 12 volunteers we built 400 feet of new singletrack. Even though the overall footage was small, the quality was great and we really noticed wide eyes and excitement once the group realized that they had produced this trail with just a little guidance.

It takes a willing group to make changes and we feel that BMSTC can make the necessary changes to become a great organization with great trails. We’ll keep checking back in on them and giving them any guidance they need. Let’s cross our fingers that we have a new IMBA Chapter in the works!

Thank you to all the volunteers and organizers who made this weekend possible. Lance Colburn, Bart Barlow and Sean Chambers, this weekend could not have happened without your cooperation and support! Keep moving forward with your goals and please contact us anytime along the way!


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