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Milwaukee River Riding

Driving through the city, you would not expect to find trails tucked away in the background of Milwaukee, WI. Surprise, Surprise! They are there, like little hidden gems! You can park right downtown, eat some lunch and then jump on your bike and ride along side the river for a peaceful backcountry feel.

If you’re interested in that sort of thing, these trails are for you! Tight and twisting turns allow for an interesting splash of spice through the Milwaukee Trails, and if your feeling adventurous, you could take a splash yourself, there in the river.

There is a lot of potential in the Milwaukee area; they are a force to keep an eye on for great future trails! We enjoyed our time with METRO and the area riders that came out to support the trails.

We want to send out a special thanks to Ann with Milwaukee River Greenway Coalition for helping organize lunch and attending Trail Building School. We are proud to see partnerships such as METRO and Milwaukee River Greenway! Also thanks to all METRO club members for your hard work, especially Danielle and Brad for putting us up in their home for the weekend! And to Marty and Harold for helping put this weekend together and make it possible for us to visit Milwaukee Trails. Big thanks to all the volunteers who came out and busted some butt building over 1000 feet of new trail! We were impressed by the turn out of other local clubs as well as the out of state visitors we recieved!

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