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Mark Sand's Penal Highway....

If you haven’t heard the story about Mark Sand’s Penal Highway, you should ask around if you pass through Dreamy Draw in Phoenix. The story is hilarious, but not my story to tell. However, I will say that if you want something done right, apparently you should just take maters into your own hands. That is exactly what the MBA did several years ago when they rerouted an old mining road that was being used for a trail, into some pretty awesome switchbacks.

Over time, the normal amount of trail damage was occurring, so with almost 50 volunteers and the City of Phoenix Rangers, we gave Mark Sans Penal Highway a little love. We spent our Saturday out at Dreamy Draw re-enforcing retaining walls and armoring sections of trail that had lost some of their structural integrity in the last few years of rain.

We managed to check off 8 maintenance projects for the City of Phoenix on this stretch of trail! The next day, we went out and rode down all of the newly maintained structures to give them a test. Impressive Phoenix! We heard many compliments from both attendees and those who were not able to make the Trail Day.

A big thanks to the City of Phoenix and the Rangers who helped make this weekend possible! Also, thank you to Tom and Linda Patsey, for letting us crash your house and eat all your food! Thanks to all the volunteers and the Mountain Bike Patrol for everything that you do to make the Phoenix trails better! Keep up the positive work!



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imbaClass @northMountain visitorCenter phoenix AZ 2/9/2013

as a Volunteer for Outdoor Arizona (VOAz), I worked primarily on hikingTrails. your class opened my eyes to multiUse considerations. I am reminded of crossCountry skiing in yellowstone & the 'terror' of coexisting with snowMobilers. thank you for the education & thanks to katherine for the photos. as a photographer, I appreciate her artful shots.