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After Club Care Thursday night and Land Manager Training Friday morning, we hit Saturday’s Trail Building School, and boy was it raining during class….

The TBS classroom session was the largest turn out we have had to any “JLo” branded Trail Care Crew event! 53 people came out to support Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association (CAMBA) and Metro Parks! I’m fairly certain there were several people on the waiting list too! This size crowd made us a little nervous, but luckily they found our dynamic rather entertaining because the whole room was laughing at us! This always makes for a fun day.

After the classroom session, we braved the rain and cold, and headed out to Hampton Hills to reroute a fall line section of a hiking only trail. I was impressed by how many mountain bikers in our group who came out to support and build a “hiking only “trail, and in the pouring rain! Honestly, I thought the rain would do us in, but by 4pm, we had completed the 1000 feet of new hiking trail, as well as completely re-vegetated the 600 feet of old trail!

Thank you CAMBA and Metro Parks for hosting one of the best Trail Care Crew weekends we’ve had to date! We looked back, and each event broke record attendance for us this year! Great job! Also, thanks for the wonderful lunches provided each day for us and the volunteers and attendees. Thank you to Greg and his family for putting us up in their home for the weekend! We really appreciate it!

Good luck to CAMBA with all their future endeavors! Contact us if you need any advice.

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