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It's all about the Partnerships

We love doing visits that are collaborations between Chapters and BLM offices. The partnerships formed are typically of the strongest we see and it is amazing to get to be involved in the process. This weekend, we worked with Team Dirt in Alpine, OR alongside of the Salem Bureau of Land Management.

Friday afternoon, we presented Land Manager Training to BLM staff to familiarize them with the trail building process. Saturday, we presented Trail Building School to a few BLM staff, and several volunteers, including Team Dirt members.

At the conclusion of Trail Building School, the group commuted out to Alsea Falls Day Use Area for a BBQ style lunch! After lunch, we gathered our gear and hiked (or should I say sprinted with excitement) out to the worksite for some much needed Trail Love. With 24 volunteers, we built 700 feet of new singletrack trail that replaced a 100-foot fall line section of trail with a “not so fun” diagonal root infested corner.  Several volunteers were happy to see that corner go, which was a relief.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and volunteered on Saturday at Alsea Falls Recreation Area! One important step to building great trails is having great community partnerships and the partnership forming between Team Dirt and the local BLM is what it takes to make things happen. Thank you to Mike for being a key organizer for the weekend and to everyone who donated and contributed to a great event! We greatly appreciated the time and enthusiasm we got to share with you!

We want to give a special shout out to the Oregon Magazine interns who documented the entire morning and afternoon trail building session! They took tons of pictures and even did interviews for the Mag. Be sure to check it out!



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