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Inspiring Change

This was one of those weekends…One of those weekends that Jesse and I will remember and hold high in the standards of what makes a great Trail Care Crew visit!

The Potawatomi Mountain Biking Association hosted us this weekend in Ann Arbor, MI. Our agenda for the weekend included, Club Care, Land Manager Training and Trail Building School. Not to mention, 3 group rides.

Club Care was by far the best to date! We had 25+ Poto Chapter members, as well as other area Chapter members and volunteers in attendance. Typically, Club Care is about 1 and ½ hours of a presentation in which Jesse and I imparting information on a few key members of the club or chapter. In this case, it was a 4 hour discussion between us and 25 excited people, who honestly want change and progression for their Chapters. Each slide introduced new stories, comments and conversation. It was like talking with old friends, the vibe was unlike any other we have had during a presentation. It was refreshing.

The next morning we presented Land Manager Training to yet another large group! We were very impressed by the turnouts we were getting! This can be accredited to the hard work that Dave (our host) put into the planning and advertising process.

The final day was Trail Building School, which again, was a packed house! With 44 volunteers, we ended up running over our time slot again! This was the first time that we have honestly lost track of time just conversing and sharing ideas and stories. We got the vibe that this group was legitimately interested in each slide, and it was apparent through their reactions. This makes what we do so much easier, and having such a receptive audience truly makes presenting more fun! We will always remember this visit because of it.

That afternoon, the 44 volunteers were able to knock out 1000 feet of the 1800 foot reroute we flagged at the Potawatomi Trail. The reroute is to cut out a fall line section of trail that dumps users into a blind sandy corner. Honestly, the trail looked awesome! This group has a clear idea of what they want, and we have no doubt that they will deliver in the completion of this trail.

A special thanks to Dave for being an amazing host. All the time and effort that you put into making this weekend possible really paid off! We appreciate the large turnout at each presentation and the fluid organization you displayed as a leader! The Poto Chapter is lucky to have someone as detail oriented and thoughtful as you. Thank you Carl and Kathy for letting us stay in your home! We really enjoyed our time spent with you, and the apple sauce! Thank you to all the volunteers and other Chapter leaders and members who came out to support the Potawatomi Mountain Biking Association!

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