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The IMBA Trail!

This weekend we worked down in McCalla, Alabama with BUMP (Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers). Our visit was in Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park working on a new trail addition!

Several years ago, Chris and Leslie Kehmeier (former TCC), came to McCalla to present the Trail Building School and start a new trail. We had the honor of returning to McCalla to add on to the trail they had started! We were excited to hear that upon completion, this trail will be dubbed “IMBA”. Users already loving call it “the IMBA stuff” because currently, the trail goes to nowhere. When Chris and Leslie designed the trail, the intentions were to create a very large outer loop, but since then, a horse trail has been incorporated and we’ve had to make new plans for the mountain bike trail.

We were given the task of connecting the IMBA stuff to an existing loop, making it a full mini loop! We flagged out the rest of the trail and set out to build on Saturday after Trail Building School.

The weather tried to fend us off, yet again, but this week, we didn’t let it stand in our way. With 25 volunteers, we headed out to build in the cold and wet! We didn’t complete the loop, but we made a lot of progress on the IMBA trail!

Great job to BUMP for hosting a great weekend. We had a wonderful time on the night ride through Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park with all the people who came out to brave the low temps! The trails at the park are amazing! Keep up the great work and strive for that ride center status that you are looking for!

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