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If you get creative, you will find a way!

This weekend proved to be challenging! But the folks of Airborne Mountain Bike Club in Port St. Lucie, FL and their neighbors from surround areas, really proved to be up for the challenge! Out at Halpatiokee Park, with a dump truck full of shell rock and tons of wood to cut, 15 volunteers set out to reinforce a beloved hill that was eroding away from popular use. The hill, and a few close by that we chose to save as well, was mainly sand, and very steep. Creativity was called for!

We cut slabs of wood to use as anchors to armor the hill, placed them slightly buried every three feet and then back filled with Shell Rock (which hardens as it dries and forms the consistence of concrete). We “reconstructed” the hill in a more solid form. The work was long and hard, but rewarding! The volunteers were as relieved as we were to see the hill coming back together in a more sustainable fashion! Our hope is that the riders at Halpatiokee Park will be able to enjoy this hill for seasons to come.

This club and community truly cares about trails! Thank you to Chandler for being so accommodating and for providing the resources necessary to make this work day possible! Thanks to Airborne Mountain Bike Club and all of the volunteers that travels from surrounding areas to be with us this weekend. Good luck in all of your future trail building!

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