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If you build it, They will come...

The Lake Tahoe area is known for being a destination! There is a ton to do here, including over 350 miles of trails to ride your bike on. 350 miles! That is a lot of trail to maintain! This weekend, volunteers came out to help show the Tyrolian Downhill Trail a little love by reforming a berm corner that needed some attention. We used resources already incorporated into the trail to make a sketchy switchback into a sweet berm turn.

Rock work takes a lot of time and effort, but it was no wary task for our Saturday crew of 6! It took us only 3 hours to completely rearrange the concrete pavers that made the original corner that was eroding out, into a new sweet, flowing berm. So it doesn’t matter if you have 20, or in our case, 4 volunteers, if your determined to make a positive change in your trails, no task is too small, and a great number of people will benefit from it.

A special thanks to Elko (Aaron James) and TAMBA for being wonderful and most enthusiastic hosts! Thanks to the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation for building an awesome building for Non-Profits to use for meetings! Also, to Diamond Peak Ski Resort for donating a room for the Trail Building School location and to Village Ski Loft for providing lunch! We really appreciate the few volunteers that came out this weekend and busted their butts to put in a better berm on the Tyrolian Downhill Trail. You guys rock!

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