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Houghton Has It!

What a busy weekend! If you hung out with us the past weekend in Houghton, MI…you know exactly what I mean!

We started out with trail flagging on Thursday with some members of Copper Harbor Trails Club at the Michigan Tech Trails. We decided to do a reroute of a small fall line section of trail that was being widened and roots were now exposed.  That evening, we joined the weekly Copper Harbor group ride. It was a Perfect way to ease into the weekend.

The following day, an A.M. Land Manager Training session was held at Nara Nature Park. We had a great turn out of enthusiastic folks from all over Michigan and Minnesota with questions about beginner trails, liability and much more. They kept us on our toes for sure. That evening, Copper Harbor Trails Club hosted another group ride, this time at Swedetown Trails and then Club Care. Whew! We were amazed at the turn out to both the group ride and the Club Care presentation! 31 total...the BBQ meal provided probably had nothing to do with it.

Saturday was the Trail Building School: This weekend was a little out of the usual, because we were working around the Copperman Triathlon. We scheduled TBS for 2pm, so that anyone racing that wanted to attend could boogie down after exhausting themselves, to listen to us talk for three hours. It may have worked, we got 19 people, which was more than registered. Another happy day!

The workday was held on Sunday (instead of Saturday after TBS) at the Michigan Tech Trail. To our surprise, we only lost a few people overnight! With 15 people, we cut in 600 feet of new trail that rerouted around the 50 feet of fall line trail that was eroding away.  This was honestly one of our best trail projects! We had a great group working hard out there. Immediately following the build, we hustled back to MI Tech Trailhead to change for our final group ride.

It was a busy one, but we had a few volunteers that were with us from start to finish. Thank you so much to Lori and Copper Harbor Trails Club for putting together such a great event. Thank you to each volunteer that came out and supported IMBA, Copper Harbor Trails Club and the Houghton Trails. We appreciate you all! Keep working together.


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