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This group has it goin' on...

The weather got ahold of Prescott, AZ this weekend. Sadly, we had to cancel the trail building portion of our school, but there was no shortage in attendance to our presentation. The good thing about an outdoor crowd is we are not phased by bad weather!

Through the rain and snow, we were inspired by the community relationships we witnessed in Prescott, there really is a strong foundation to stand on and I will use Prescott as an example from this point forward. Bikers, Hikers and Horse Riders alike have come together to make things happen for Prescott Trails. Check out the Prescott Trails Safety Coalition website to see some of the amazing progress made by these user groups that have put their “preferred modes of transportation” aside for the safety of all trail users.

There are several great things to look forward to in the Prescott area as well, including the reintroduction of the Adopt-a-Trail program through the Prescott National Forest and also, the Crew Leader Training classes to come.

We want to thank Rob and Susie Hehlen, along side of PMBA (Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance), for hosting a wonderful weekend! The weather may have “rained on our parade”, but we still accomplished so much through communication and planning! Also, thank you to all the other user groups who came out to support PMBA and IMBA in our efforts! To all the donors and sponsors, including The Raven Cafe, High Gear Bicycle Shop and Pangaea Bakery, this weekend was possible thanks to your kindnesses! Finally, thank you Prescott National Forest for allowing us to present on behalf of your trails. Good luck in all your future endeavors!

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