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Long Day, Amazing Results.

Our Trail Care Crew visit this weekend was hosted by NAMBA, the Northern Allegheny Mountain Bike Association (NAMBA), in Jamestown, NY.

We were tasked with a reroute of a very fall line section of trail that dropped in from a road crossing and headed straight down a steep, rooted-out hill to a bridge creek crossing. Our goal was to still utilize the same control points, while making the trail sustainable. We measured and flagged out 1,200 feet of new singletrack, essentially giving them about four times the trail, which always makes users happy!

The next afternoon, we presented Better Living Through Trails to an attentive group, making great contacts and meeting a lot of wonderful people. Afterwards, we headed to Hollyloft Ski and Bike for a fantastic social hour. The shop provided food and entertainment, and we had a great time sharing stories all evening.

At the Trail Building School the following day, we had a packed house with an impressive variety of trail users. Not only did NAMBA and Western New York Mountain Bike Association (WNYMBA) members come out in big numbers, but we also had the pleasure of having a few of the Chaut County Trail Rider equestrian ladies join us, as well as some Allegany State Park Staff who are strictly trail runners. This diverse group was a great example of the trail support that the Jamestown area has to offer.

With 25 volunteers working at the Overland Trail after the morning classroom session, we managed to completely close a 400-foot section of fall line trail and build, in its place, a beautiful 1,200-foot of new singletrack. The day went quickly, and though by the end we were running out of time with trail still to be built, this group pushed through tired muscles and stayed more than an hour late to ensure that the old trail was closed and the new section was ready! Nice work!

A big thanks to Thom and NAMBA for hosting an awesome weekend! This group is super motivated to work, and we appreciate that. It’s never fun to leave the weekend with a trail unfinished. Even though there is still some rockwork to be done, the integrity of the trail is official.

Thank you, Hollyloft Ski and Bike for hosting a great social hour! And also, a special thank you to Matt and Susan Hilton for the wonderful accommodations at their cottage house on the lake!

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