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That Good 'Ole Cuyuna Gold!

Cuyuna, MN is a place that is nothing short of impressive, wonderful people, great community, amazing trails, beautiful scenery, oh, and did I mention that good ‘ole Cuyuna Gold??

Initially, we were a little intimidated by Cuyuna, “Machine built trails on steep side slopes, how will we ever contribute by hand??” But low and behold, the 30+ volunteers that showed up to build onto the Demonstration Trails rocked our socks off with busting out 500 feet of bench cut trail on a super steep side slope. In that 500 feet, we included two retaining walls and a two foot berm! They are troopers up here in Cuyuna!

Covered in red and paranoid of poison ivy, the day ended in celebration as an alternate line off of the existing trail was completed to connect a previously constructed rock feature from 5 years ago! Many of the volunteers had been there on that day 5 years ago to build the feature, and were met with a great sense of accomplishment to have finally connected the feature to a trail.

We appreciate all the hard working volunteers that came out to support their local trails and learn how to build and maintain trails of their own!

Special Thanks to Nick and Rory for being great “Go To Guys”, Dan at Country Inn at Deerwood for accommodating us all weekend, Aaron and Steve for being great hosts, Heartwood Conference Center for the space to do presentations and lunch, Cuyuna Lakes MTB Crew for being super rad tour guides and spending time with us out there on the trails!

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