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Welcome back! It’s always exciting coming off of a vacation back into the life of Trail Care Crew. After 10 days at home, we headed west to Virginia to meet with GLOC, the Greater Lynchburg Off-Road Cyclists. The weather was a little concerning, calling for snow, 70 degrees and then rain, we were excited to see what this weekend had in store for us.

This weekend, GLOC hosted our visit in Lynchburg, at the Lynchburg College Campus. We spent Thursday and Friday hanging out with the group, riding all their trails, watching bike videos and eating lots of food! We didn’t have any presentations to give Thursday and Friday because IMBAs Mid Atlantic Regional Director, Frank Maguire, had given Better Living Through Trails and Club Care to the group a few weeks prior. Props to Frank! We got to hang out and have fun for two days.

Saturday morning, we presented Trail Building School and then headed out to the campus trails to put into practical application what we had just taught the group! Previously in the week, we had flagged out about 2000 feet of singletrack that includes two switchbacks. We decided that for times sake, we would build the singletrack and chat about future workdays to construct the switchbacks. Luckily, a few of the professors from the University volunteered to lead a student workday to complete the corners. There is a mountain biking class within the University, so they thought this would be a good learning opportunity for them. GLOC is planning to tag team this workday and help the students!

In about 3 hours, 32 volunteers completed all 2000 feet of bench cut singletrack. We were rather impressed by the work pace this group took on. This was not an easy hillside to work with. The average side slope was about 35%, and there was heavy clearing to be done.

We want to pass along our thanks to Lynchburg University and it’s various professors who have a vested interest in building and better the trails on campus! Also, to Kelly and Davy, as well as the members of GLOC, thank you for your time and all the effort you collectively put into making this Trail Care Crew visit possible. Thank you Blackwater Bike Shop for all the support and for hosting a movie night in shop! We had a great time this weekend and look forward to riding again soon.



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