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A Full House Is Always A Fun House!

Our Trail Care Crew visit this weekend was hosted by NIMBA, the Northern Indiana Mountain Bike Association. The Trail Building School was an absolute hit! We had 38 people from NIMBA and other surrounding organizations come together to learn about sustainable trail building. We had a lot of fun during the presentation with this interactive group, which is always great for us! We give these presentations so much that a well-rounded and enthusiastic audience always makes for a better more vibrant experience from us!

We hit the trail out at Bonneyville Mill County Park after TBS and lunch with nearly all of the volunteers we started with (whew), and got to work. We (TCC) had pre flagged 800 feet of contouring single track that will be the ground breaking of a new mile long loop. The group was eager, and after the bench cutting demonstration, led by Jesse and 4 volunteers, we split up into 4 groups, assigned crew leaders, and got to work. The moving was easy, despite the heat and bugs. Oh, and the poison ivy…which by the end of the day, was a joke. We basically tried to avoid anything green...

There is still much to build on the mile loop out at Bonneyville, but our volunteers and NIMBA got the trail off to a great start! John (NIMBA President) already had a handout to give to the volunteers at the end of the workday that listed NIMBAs upcoming trail work events. What a great idea! This is something we will pass on to other TCC hosts!

Thank you John and NIMBA members who helped make the weekends visit possible! This was one of our best turnouts to a Trail Building School and it is because of amazing volunteers and club members who are dedicated to the trails they love to ride, and dedicated to their organization. Thank you to the Bonneyville Mill staff, Scott and Bernie, we really appreciate everything you guys are doing in partnership with NIMBA.

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