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Destination To Be

If there is any place in the Country that could build a destination next to a destination, it’s Cottonwood Arizona. With the famous Sedona near by, their challenge is to build destination scale trails that people will come to in correlation with a trip to Sedona, or vice versa. With vast terrain, beautiful scenery and interested volunteers, it’s only a matter of time.

We built 1050 feet of textbook bench cut single-track trail out at Dead Horse State Park this weekend with Verde Valley Cycling Coalition (VVCC) and other volunteers. And when I say textbook, I mean it.  The quality of this 1050 feet was astounding. A total of 20 volunteers took extra care in every foot, finishing all the way down to planting grasses and little cacti next to the newly cut trail to ensure the scenic beauty. The trail includes a rock bridge to cross a drainage area and a very large retaining wall.

Cottonwood has such amazing potential and a variety of trails to match it. There will be good things to come from this area and VVCC will be in the midst of it!

Thank you Lars (President of VVCC) and Verde Valley Cycling Coalition for a great weekend! The trail is beautiful and will only get better. And thank you Dead Horse State Park and the Red Rock Rangers for all your help. Our hotel and stay in Cottonwood was wonderful, thanks to Karen at Cottonwood Hotel, Crema Café, and Rendezvous for all their donations and support. We really appreciate all the volunteer support we had this weekend! We did some great work in a little amount of time, and if you stay behind it, more great things will come.

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