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Busy Weekend in Columbus!

This weekend was a big one and we were busy, busy, busy. Our Trail Care Crew visit was hosted by Chattahoochee Valley Area SORBA in Columbus Georgia and boy was it a hectic line up.

Thursday afternoon we got into town and headed directly out to Flat Rock to flag trail for Saturday's volunteers to work on. After laying down some flag line, we hit the trail to get a ride in and see the area as a whole! Flat Rock reminds us a lot of our home trails. The trail is tight and technical, but fun with intermittent flow. After our quick ride, we headed over to Chili Thai for our Club Care presentation. We were thankful to be presenting in a Thai restaurant because we were so hungry from the long day! It was a hit and we had some awesome conversations!

Friday we drove down to Americus Georgia to present Better Living Through Trails to some key city figures and decision makers. That evening, we headed over to Fort Benning to ride the trails on base and give some recommendations to the trail builders there!

Saturday was our famous Trail Building School, followed by a trail work field session. We headed out to Flat Rock post presentation to build a “beginner” ride around to a very technical 2 foot root drop. We let the group of volunteers flag out their own re-route using the clinos (which we taught them to use during TBS) and pin flags. We split into two groups and let the groups flag towards each other. Once the two groups met, we talked about the flag line and did some repositioning. Once everyone was on the same page, we put the tools in the dirt, and built the alternate line.

This was a different experience for TBS than we usually give, but with such a small group, we thought this would be fun and hands on.

That Sunday we drove down to West Point for our final group ride of the weekend! We had a great time on all the rides and we enjoyed getting to talk to the trail stewards at each trail!

A big thank you to CVA SORBA for all the hard work and organization they displayed through out the weekend. Good luck with all your future endeavors.

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