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Building Bridges with Friends

Central Iowa Trails Association hosted this weeks Trail Care Crew visit in Des Moines, IA.  We didn’t get the privilege of spending very much time with CITA members, but from what we gathered, this is another group who enjoys great times and great trails!

Saturday morning we had Trail Building School out at Greenwood/Ashworth Park with a few ready to work locals and CITA members who stayed back to give us a hand instead of hitting up this weekends race. We were thankful to have them and we had a great time teaching sustainable trail building and then putting it into action.

That afternoon we built about 100 feet of trail with the 9 of us, and had some fun while doing it. We were able to salvage a bridge from a feature that was built out in the woods, and use it to get around a tree that we didn’t want to disturb. We dug it into the ground and armored the entrance and exit to ensure a safe transition for users. Check out the pictures!

Thank you Nick and CITA for hosting a Trail Care Crew weekend! I know there is a lot of planning involved, and sometimes, unavoidable events fall on the same weekend, such as a race. We were thankful for those of you who turned up at Trail Building School to support your local trails that you use and love!

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