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Build. Ride. Repeat.

We finished up our SORBA tour in Kingsport, TN with SORBA Tri-Cities. It was definitely a busy weekend for us, they requested Club Care, Better Living Through Trails and Trail Building School, as well as group rides and social time!

Thursday we did our Club Care presentation to the Chapter board and it’s members. Honestly, this group is so dialed we were a little worried we wouldn’t be able to offer them any new advice from Club Care.  But, after hanging out, eating dinner and talking through the presentation, we realized that brainstorming always brings to light things that clubs or Chapters may have not considered yet.

Friday was Better Living Through Trails and group ride day, and then Saturday, the Trail Building School.

Saturday morning’s classroom had yet another wonderful turnout, thank you SORBA for being thorough with “TCC visit” planning and marketing! After TBS, we commuted over to Warrior’s Path State Park to build a new section of trail that will eliminate a road section (being used to complete a loop of the trail) and create a black diamond loop that is entirely single-track.  We had flagged several thousand feet, but knew we would not complete the trail in one workday.

With 31 people, we knocked out about 1500 feet of new black diamond trail. The trail includes several rock features and drops that will become alternate lines once the trail is completed.

Thank you SORBA Tri-Cities for all the hard work you each put into this weekend. We had a great time riding and hanging out with the entire group. There is truly a great group of people with a lot of dedication. SORBA Tri-Cities is one of the Bell Built Grant finalists as well, wish them luck and vote for the project!

Saturday’s workday lunch was catered by Texas Roadhouse, thanks to them, we enjoyed yummy BBQ before heading out to work on the trail.

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