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Bring your Bike to Vegas!

Guilty! I had no idea Las Vegas has such great mountain bike trails! When you take time to drive away from The Strip, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

This weekend out at Blue Diamond Trailhead, we worked with 33 volunteers including Southern Nevada Mountain Bike Association members, to salvage a fall line section of the Old Spanish Trail. The trail is a gateway into a huge trail system and it was eroding away, and very difficult for most riders. It was important to the Red Rocks BLM and local riders, to make this section of trail more accommodating to the many trail users that come up it. So, we armored (with rock) almost 60 feet of rutted out double track, converting it back to single track with large rocks and drainages. This is not a typical project, but being unable to reroute this section, it was necessary to keep further erosion from occurring.

The section looks great and we are very impressed with the potential impact that this group can make on their local trails. Keep up the good work guys! We definitely see Las Vegas in a new light now and we are excited to come back and ride more awesome trails with SNMBA!

Thank you Southern Nevada Mountain Bike Association and the Red Rocks BLM for a great atmosphere this weekend! It’s always nice to know rain and gloomy weather can’t break good spirits! The relationships built this weekend were impressive. Good luck in your future endeavors together. Also, a big thanks to Jared and Las Vegas Cyclery for putting us up this weekend, your shop is amazing! Finally, thank you to all the volunteers and supporters who came out to our class and to build trail in the rain. Progress would not happen without you!

It was a pleasure to be able to ride John Johnson Memorial Ride at Late Night Trailhead hosted by Mountain Bike Las Vegas on Sunday. Our heart goes out to John’s family.

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