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A Big Weekend for Bowling Green!

Southwest KyMBA (Kentucky Mountain Bike Association) hosted us this weekend over in Bowling Green, KY. Our task for the weekend was to help KyMBA members and volunteers create an alternate line on the Low Hollow Trail. This alternate line will provide a more diverse and challenging experience for more advanced riders. The line will be made up of a few rollers and berms that can be jumped, or rolled, in both directions.

With 23 people out at the trail, we cleared the corridor and prepared the line for dirt. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the dirt we needed to build the berms and rollers moved to the site. Despite that, we still had a lot of work on our hands, but the volunteers were excited and motivated to do it.

After we completed the preparations for the alternate line, there was still time and energy to spare. We headed over to a few other sites on the Low Hollow Trail that were in need of some TLC. 2 sites in particular were narrowing and the outslope was well over 15%. We split up into a few small groups and went to work widening the tread and retaining a 5% outslope (which is the % you want you trail to be outsloped to allow for a sheet flow of water).

The weekend wasn’t all work and no play! KyMBA hosted two different social nights, one at Montana Grille and the other at Double Dog. On top of that, KyMBA organized two group rides. One a night ride at Low Hollow that Thursday evening, and the other, was quite a big deal!

I have to say, Sunday’s group ride was a special event that we were lucky to get to attend! Mammoth Cave National Park opened the doors to the new Big Hollow Trail for a KyMBA exclusive group ride event. 56 people came out to support KyMBA and ride the trails! Specialized brought out a demo fleet and provided bikes to friends and family who joined for the event. It was an amazing experience to get to ride on the first mountain bike specific trail in a National Park, and, before it’s open at that!

There were several donors from this weekend that we would like to give recognition to! Breck’s Bike Shop for the awesome goodies we all got to chow down on Saturday morning, Griff’s Deli and Nat’s Outdoor Store for providing lunch for Saturdays volunteers, and Nashville Subaru for putting us up in the Holiday Inn for the weekend! Also, to KyMBA, Breck’s and Nat’s for bring a Specialized Demo fleet out to Sundays group ride! It is the cooperation and support of the community and it’s businesses that make great trail systems possible. Thank you all for your donations throughout the weekend!

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