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Berm it before game time!!

Athens SORBA is proud to announce their up and coming hub and cluster trail system that will be the first trail system in the county, the East Athens City Park trails. The feeling is contagious! They had already laid out a wonderful beginner loop to build off of when we arrived, and were in the process of clearing and building the start of the intermediate loop. You couldn’t help but get excited about the potential that this area has and the excitement in the eyes of this SORBA chapter.

With over 20 volunteers, we added some spice to their intermediate loop by tackling FOUR sweeping, flowing berms! This seemed like a tall order for one work day, but Athens SORBA delivered with style, and all before kickoff! That’s right, the Georgia/Alabama game at 4 pm that day had the woods stirring as we raced the clock to put down some sweet single track in time to watch the Dogs.

The buzz of the new trails and upcoming epic game made for some good times and great laughs! We want to give a special thanks to Athens SORBA and all other chapers and volunteers that came out to show your support on the EACP Trail. Thanks to Bruce and Dave for making this weekend super accommodating and to all those who have been working hard to get the EACP trails up and riding! It is hard work to start from scratch but this chapter is doing it beautifully.

We can’t wait to come back through in a few months and see the progress that’s surely to have been made! And good luck naming the trails guys!

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Awesome time!

Thanks again for coming down! Learned so much and had a blast! Hope the coffee helps you guys on the rest of your travels!