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All Rock, No Dirt.

This weekend, our Trail Care Crew visit was held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and hosted by the Susquehanna Area Mountain Biking Association. The weather was not looking good for us, but we kept hearing people comment about “PA being this way 9 months a year”, so we figured the locals were use to the chilly, cloudy, misty weather.

Thursday, after we flagged out some trail to work on Saturday, we held a Club Care presentation for the club. We were fortunate to have Frank, IMBA Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, with us to help get the group motivated.

Friday was rainy and cold, we were still a bit worried about how Saturday would look for building, but the group still didn’t appear to be fazed. That afternoon we presented our Better Living Through Trails session for several town members who have key roles in working on the “Greenbelt” project. The goal is to get singletrack trails incorporated into the Greenbelt.

The Greenbelt consists of green space that runs through the middle of town that already has both gravel and paved trails included. Frank was a huge help again! He was able to answer questions on a local level and really help us convince the people in the room that their efforts would not be wasted.

Saturday was the first non-rainy day, and we were thankful for the dry, but it was miserably windy and quite chilly. We hit the trail right on time and split into groups. Group 1 was to tackle a climbing turn that just happened to go through a huge rock garden. This group had a lot of rock moving/armoring to do. Groups 2 and 3 were our bench cutting groups, working on cutting new trail and Group 4 was our switchback group.

One thing is for sure about PA, they have no shortage of rock and almost not enough dirt! This group impressed us with their enthusiasm to move rock. We created a huge retaining wall for the switchback and several additional rock gardens and armored sections.

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to each of our classes to learn and support Harrisburg trails!

To see all of the weekends pictures, click here.

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