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2nd Time Around!

This weekend’s visit was the first, and only, time we get to work in the same place twice on our Trail Care Crew Tour.

In 2012, Midlands SORBA won the USA Cycling Grant that allowed them an automatic TCC visit in 2013! They had already applied, and been awarded a visit in 2012, so in November that year, we visited Columbia for the first time and began construction on “The Knot” trail.

Upon our return to Columbia this weekend, we were pleased to see they completed “The Knot” and we were about to break ground on a second loop! It’s very rare that we get a chance to ride trail that we worked on or designed, so this was an amazing experience! As we rode the trail we designed and built with volunteers the year before, we realized how much our style had changed in just a year. We mentioned this to the group and they were excited to see what we were going to bring to the table this year!

Unfortunately rained spoiled our parade! A downpour hit mid Trail Building School, causing us to have to cancel the workday. Midlands SORBA planned out a follow up workday to break ground on the newly designed trail!

A huge ‘thank you’ to Zabo, Park Manager of Poinsett State Park, for his continuous support of the trail effort in Poinsett. Along side the park staff, the Midlands SORBA Chapter is putting in a lot of time and sweat on the trails as well. This is a great partnership with lots of room to grow! It is not often that a group gets such an awesome park staff to work with!

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