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Tallahassee trail managers push the envelope

Tallahassee, Florida mountain bikers should feel truly blessed to have two of the most devoted and progressive mountain bike trail managers around. Chuck Goodheart from the City of Tallahassee Parks & Recreation, and Jim Schmid from the US Forest Service, go all out when it comes to designing and building purpose-built mountain bike trails. I'm sure this was a key factor that Tom Sauret (IMBA Southeast Regional Director) considered when deciding to hold the 2012 IMBA Florida Summit in Tallahassee. That and the fact that Tom Brown Park (managed by Chuck) and Munson Hills Trails exhibit some great examples of modern trail design.

Tom Brown Park Magnolia Trail and Cadillac Trail areas have almost any style of riding you can ask for. Cross country trails, wooden features, skinnies, pump tracks, jump lines, NBL bmx track, 'Kudzilla' downhill jump / flow line, gnarly rock & root sections, drops, and so much more.

Munson Hills is a true turnaround success story. Prior to Jim working with Woody Keen and his company Trail Dynamics, Munson Hills Trail was the kind of place mountain bikers only rode when everything else was too wet to ride - this was because it was a veritable sand pit when it was dry. With a lot of creativity, and a bit of experimentation, Trail Dynamics has brought in a clay/sand soil mix and built a raised tread roller coaster of a trail. Usage is way up and mountain bikers now flock here in droves, rain or shine.

Check out the Tallahassee Mountain Bike Association web site for information on these and other Tallahassee mountain bike trails.

Tom Brown Park photos

Munson Hills Trail photos

Tom Brown Taster video

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Very cool video showing off one of our treaures

My only negative comment is that the Kudzilla section could use a couple of long shots. If I did not know this ride, I would not have gotten a good perception of the ups and downs of the flow track. The video made the peaks and lows seem much more gradual than they are.