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Sprucing up the Hood

Hood River, OR, is already known for good riding, and if the number of spandex-clad and armor-clad riders we saw at the local Safeway was any indication, people are coming from all over to enjoy the wide variety of mountain bike trails and other outdoor recreation venues available in the Hood River area.

The Hood River Area Trail Stewards (HRATS) is a newly formed IMBA Chapter, formed in an effort to unify all the gung-ho riders and advocates into a well oiled and powerful advocacy machine. As with any newly formed organization, there are always hiccups along the way, but the HRATS are working through them and evolving every day due to the passion and commitment of the local riding community.

Whether you are looking to pack your panier and do an epic long haul ride, get in some amazing road riding, hit some sweet singletrack, or get you some gravity riding, Hood River pretty much has it all. And the HRATS are working hard to keep expanding the options, with the recent approval to build a 30 acre bike park, adding another feather to their cap.

If you are in the region and looking for a variety of riding options, or looking to volunteer some time, be sure to look up the Hood River Area Trail Stewards!


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