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For our trail project in Mt. Shasta, California this past weekend, thirteen volunteers joined us in building a bermed turn, which will help riders carry their momentum through the tight turn, rather than sliding out or locking up their brakes trying to make the maneuver. Instead, they’ll be able to look ahead, down the trail for their next line.

The community of Mt. Shasta is also hoping to carry the momentum of the Gateway Trail project forward to continue growing mountain biking opportunities in the area. The completion of the seven-mile Gateway Trail in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest at the base of Mt. Shasta is a big accomplishment. The trail, which will be open to hikers, runners, bikers, and equestrians, is the result of a partnership between the US Forest Service and the Mt. Shasta Trail Association (MSTA), with funding from a Recreational Trails Program (RTP) grant. It will provide recreational opportunities just two miles from the town center, taking users into the surrounding pine plantations. And it’s just the beginning.

The MSTA, along with the local mountain bike community, hopes to continue to grow mountain biking opportunities in Siskiyou County. They have their sights on trails to connect the nearby Mt. Shasta Ski Park to downtown Mt. Shasta, freeride and flow trails on nearby Mt. Eddy, and more. There is so much potential in this beautiful area – it’s just a matter of continuing to grow productive partnerships within the community to make these visions a reality. Fortunately for Mt. Shasta, they have a very dedicated and capable group of people driving things forward.

And IMBA is here to help! We’ve had two recent Trail Care Crew visits in the area to educate folks not only on trail building and maintenance, but also on the health and economic benefits of trails and mountain biking, and how to build an effective advocacy organization. Pacific Northwest Regional Director, Anna Laxague, is also on hand to support this community through the planning process. So far, it all adds up to a recipe for success. We know that we’ll hear of good things happening in Mt. Shasta in the years to come!


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