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Know-how in the Methow

The Methow Valley in Northern Washington state has got a lot going for it. Only 4 hours drive from Seattle, their beautiful sunny climate is in stark contrast to the never-ending clouds and rain that persist in Seattle and other towns on the Western side of the Cascade mountain range. This is just one of many reasons Winthrop and other Methow Valley towns have become such a common destination for travelers seeking some relief from the clouds and rain.

In addition to the weather, Winthrop is also quite the recreation destination. Winthrop is world renowned for its Nordic skiing in the winter. And in the summer it’s a veritable playground for road cyclists, mountain bikers, runners, hikers, and anyone else with a love of the great outdoors – and you would be hard pressed to beat the amazing scenery of the Cascade mountains.

The Methow Valley Sports Trail Association (MVSTA) hosted our five day visit in which we delivered our entire suite of presentations, consisting of Club Care, Land Manager Training, Trail Building School, and Better Living Through Trails. The MVSTA did an amazing job preparing for and marketing our visit, as all our presentations were very well attended with all the right people.

The MVSTA has also been key in helping with the formation of the newly formed mountain bike club (yet to be named) that is a chapter of the very successful Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. With the drive and determination of the Methow Valley residents and business owners, and the strength and experience of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, we know the newly formed club has everything it needs to be successful in supporting all the existing mountain bike trails, and shepherding in the creation of some much desired purpose built mountain bike trails as well.

Special thanks to MVSTA, Chewuch Inn (for providing our wonderful lodging), Methow Cycle and Sport, Old Schoolhouse Brewery, the US Forest Service, and everyone else who contributed or participated to make our visit so successful!


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