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Grinning in Grand Rapids

After spending several weeks riding in the NY and CT areas, where rocks seem to be the most prevelant state crop, it was a nice change of pace riding some fairly smooth terrain. Don't get me wrong, we love rocks, but sometimes it's nice to be able to put the hammer down for some high speed twisting and turning.

We had the privilege today of riding two trail networks that are maintained by the Western Michigan Mountain Biking Association - the Luton Park Trails and the Cannonsburg Ski Area Trails - which was a fairly big riding day for us non-hammerheads. We had planned to also ride the Cannonsburg State Game Area Trails, but our bodies cried Uncle at the thought of riding a 3rd trail network in the same day. Both networks were very fun and flowy, giving us about 16 miles of goodness between the two.

Cannonsburg Ski Area also had a skills center that was super fun and much more challenging than we would have expected. This is the kind of place you could spend a whole day just hanging out and trying all the different jumps, drops, and skinnies, trying to get each one dialed (or working up the nerve to hit some of the bigger stuff!).

Tomorrow we are off to visit the Shoreline Cycling Club in Manistee, MI, to check out several of their trail networks and get ready for this weekend's Trail Building School.


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