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Great Trails in Great Falls

Driving to the North Shore trail in Great Falls, Montana had us wondering what we were getting into. Nothing but flat agriculture fields as far as the eye could see. But lo and behold when we crested the ridge was the amazing beauty of the Missouri River and the glorious hillsides, perfect for great trails. The Great Falls Bicycle Club, in partnership with Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks, Rivers Edge Trail, and Pennsylvania Power & Light are developing great, sustainable singletrack trails, with scenery and terrain to provide all levels of riders a fun and challenging experience.

In addition to great trails, with more being constructed as we speak, Great Falls has the Rivers Edge Trail, a beautiful paved path that hugs the Missouri River all the way from town out to, you guessed it, the sweet singletrack trails mountain bikers can never get enough of. This is a wonderful asset that provides year-round recreation and access opportunities for all Great Falls citizens.

And those folks showed up in droves, bringing 50 people to our Saturday trailbuilding school. That's a record for our visits this year!

Great partnerships are a key factor in the success of most mountain bike advocacy groups, and the Great Falls Bicycle Club is doing a stellar job developing and nurturing these relationships. This is evident when you have groups like the Rivers Edge Trail and Pennsylvania Power & Light donating funds to bring in Montana Conservation Corps workers for three weeks to help cut in the North Shore trail, the latest addition to Great Falls’ growing inventory of great mountain biking opportunities. A mutually beneficial partnership has been developed between the Great Falls Bicycle Club and the Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks with both groups working closely together to oversee and assist in the construction of the new trail.

Many thanks to Matt Marcinek (Head of Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks), Travis Feller (Great Falls Bicycle Club), John Juras (Great Falls Bicycle Club), Pizza Baron (for the great pizza!), and all the other individuals and organizations that contributed to the success and amazing turnout for all of our IMBA Trail Care Crew related events!


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