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GR Bike Park was just the Ticket!

Well, I finally got to take the Trek Ticket Signature on its maiden voyage, and it definitely did not disappoint. Super stiff, light, and ultra responsive. And most importantly I felt right at home on it from the first turn of the pedals. Grand Rapids Bike Park is a great success story of an abondoned city-owned ball field that was overrun with drugs and illegal activities, and now holds a pump track, jump lines, and an official bmx race track.

The pump track and jump lines were fun and beginner friendly, with everything rollable. In addition, there are also almost 2 miles of XC trails in the woods, with some wooden features as well (ladders, skinnys, etc). Special thanks to Nate Phelps and the Michigan Mountain Biking Association (MMBA) for making such a cool spot possible!

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