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Cuckoo in Cleveland

Well, I thought today might finally be the day. I've longed for a chance to ride Ray's Mountain Bike Park since the first time I heard about it several years ago. Knowing we'd be passing through Cleveland today, and on a tip from a friend who thought they were 'partially' open during the summer, we decided to drive by and take a chance. Upon arrival we witnessed a couple guys coming out with bikes, so it looked promising. Sadly, the dream died hard, as these were guys rebuilding the park for the upcoming winter season. Fortunately, though, we were able to confirm they ARE open from noon - 8pm, but only Fridays through Sunday, and only the Dirt Room and Flow sections are open (which are the ones I most want to hit!).

We will be passing back through the area soon, so we'll be sure to take full advantage. Even though we didn't get to hit Ray's, we'll finally get to check out the Grand Rapids Bike Park tomorrow. Might finally get to take the new Trek Ticket Signature out for its maiden voyage!

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