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Big Things Brewing in Jacksonville

No, we are not referring to beer, though there was plenty of Intuition brand beer on hand for the Saturday night screening of Pedal Driven at the Burrito Gallery, attended by nearly 90 locals and none other than the Jacksonville mayor himself, along with his lovely wife.

Jacksonville, Florida may not be the first place people think of when planning a mountain biking destination trip, but it may be in the near future if the local IMBA SORBA JAX chapter gets its way.  Chapter president Dan Zaffuto and crew have accomplished much more than you would expect from a club less than a year old.

  • Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Jacksonville? Check.

  • Memorandum of Understanding for an official dirt jump site to include legitimate & progression oriented dirt jumps, pump track, and bmx practice track? In the works and nearing signature.

  • Master plan to create 60+ miles of trail and link as much as possible through paved bicycle paths with long-term goal of becoming an IMBA Ride Center? Also in the works.

  • Nearly 100 paying members, 250+ supporters, and numerous local business sponsors? Naturally, and growing daily.

The IMBA SORBA JAX chapter hosted us for a weekend of Trail Building School, fun riding and events, and a Better Living Through Trails discussion with local city officials.  Needless to say, the club’s professionalism and sophistication shone through in their flawless execution of all activities, and a great time was had by all.

If you are ever in Jacksonville, be sure to check out the Hanna Park trails and Tillie K Fowler Park trails. They just may change your impression of how fun, flowy, and technical a non-mountain trail system can be. I know it changed ours.

Special thanks to the other important sponsors that helped make these events possible:

Bubba’s Burgers

Champion Cycling

Firehouse Subs

Lakeshore Bicycle and Fitness

OpenRoad Bicycles

Trek Bicycle Store

Additional photos by Mick Shea:

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Jake and Jenny, you two are a real asset to IMBA. Thank you for putting on a couple of great presentations and then showing us how to properly cut new and abandon old trail. Hopefully we can start putting our new skills to use soon.

Troy Mayhew
SORBA JAX Sergeant-At-Arms

Hanna Park visit

Great to have you show us the right way to do trials. Many of us never knew what went into building them the right way. Very good presentation. You guys are awesome.

Randy Raybon

SORBA Jax greatly appreciates

SORBA Jax greatly appreciates your visit. I learned alot and look forward to applying it towards future trails in the area. The Land Managers session was excellent as well. Hope to see you at the upcoming Flagler session!!

Thanks again!!!

Todd Cejka


It was great to have you visit with us and pass along some most excellent information!

James Reed
Bike/Ped Coordinator