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Why the Middleton Bike Park (Middleton, WI) could be the future of WI off road cycling...

I deal with a lot of opportunities in my job.  However, if I see 50 possible projects, I see only 1% that have the true potential to change communities, lives and influence economies.  I saw one of those places this week.

Middleton, WI.


Here are 10 reasons Middleton could change the way WI sees off road cycling.


1) Proximity to a huge cycling population and a very young youthful population.

2) Proximity to a vibrant cycling industry.

3) A Trails educated, motivated and enlightened land manager with knowledge of funding streams.

4) Adjacent land owners with large acreages and an already established adventure sports environment.

5) An IMBA Chapter Club (CORP) to get behind the project.

6) A 5 year management plan is being implemented this winter, with time for introducing a bike specific proposal.

7) Whole project is going to be intersected and connected via paved trail to Madison.

8) City owned property versus State owned. (makes a big difference in WI).

9) 100 room hotel being built on property.

10) Current bike park is professionally designed and constructed--allowing city to understand best practices in trail building, design and how to work with contractors.


Middleton has the ability to be a destination riding spot, with gravity based, flow based trails in the metro region of Madison.


Now that is potential and opportunity all rolled up in one....

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Biking in Middleton this weekend...

I bet biking in Middleton this weekend will be wonderful. The weather in Middleton has been gorgeous. Especially for March. Gotta love Spring! May even be looking at homes for sale in Middleton in the next few months. Love the area!

MIddleton Bike Park looks sweet!

We got to visit the Middleton Bike Park today and were really impressed. The pump track looks to be very well designed and flowy, as does the super cool downhill flow/jump line. We are a big fan of progression oriented lines, and Middleton has executed this flawlessly. The downhill line can be rolled, manualed, and/or jumped.....which is my mantra when it comes to multi-use design for pump / jump lines, especially when you don't have the luxury for dedicated progression lines.

Unfortunately we did not get to ride as it had rained last night and the ground was still too wet. Hopefully we can hit it on our way back through the area!

Jake and Jenny
IMBA Trail Care Crew

Come visit Middleton Wisconsin!

There are MANY reasons to come visit Middleton. TRULY! MONEY Magazine thinks it's a pretty cool City AGAIN this year too! Check this out:

Proudly at Middleton’s visitors service,

Val Steel
Director of Tourism
Middleton Tourism Commission
1811 Parmenter Street
Middleton, WI 53562
Ph 608-831-6350 fax 608-831-8867 toll free 800-688-5694

'Middleton... it's better here!'

Middleton is great...

Yes! Middleton is an excellent area. Not only biking but LOTS of other activities.

In fact, Middleton is "The Good Neighbor City" to the state Capitol of Wisconsin, Madison.

Thanks for the kind words of Middleton. We look forward to your visit!

Ron Reed