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Spirit Mountain Flow School taking shape


This could be the most exciting thing I have seen take shape in my three years of working with IMBA.  That says A LOT as Cuyuna, Copper Harbor and CAMBA and MORC have had some pretty major things to jump up and down over!  Right now we have 30 folks signed up for the school which starts on Friday the 21st of September at Spirit Mountain.

This is huge for the upper Midwest as Aaron Rogers of Trail Solutions is teaching that class.  Due to Aarons great success as a trail builder in Copper Harbor we are seeing folks coming from across the region to attend this event.  In fact we may have people from as far as New Mexico coming to attend.  We certainly have people from South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan attending.  The idea is that Aaron can teach these folks the art of producing Flow Trails.  Something that we are starting to really see take off in our region.

The main issue of course is that these trails are hard to build and require an artists eye and a riders brain to be built in a way that is both sustainable and fun to ride.  Aaron has those skills and because of that we are seeing people come out to learn.  I think this also speaks to the popularity of these types of trails, people are seeing the success of Cuyuna and Copper and of the MORC trails and are wanting more of them and the trail builders need to get up to speed to keep up with demand.

Of course the big winners here are the members of COGGS.  Once the school is over there will be an Aaron Rogers designed and built beginner level Flow trail nearly the length of Spirit Mountain.  We are talking something like a 1 3/4 long trail, 700 feet of elevation drop and approximately 40 or so berms.  It is hoped that this trail (eventually serviced via the new high speed quad at Spirit) will not only kick start the gravity community in Duluth to ride this trail and eventually create more, but also to inspire and motivate the other ski hills in the region and the Midwest gravity community to use this as a model.

If you are in the region come and check it out!  Tuesday night September 18th, COGGS will be showing Strength in Numbers as a fundraiser starting at 7pm at Spirit Mountain.  That would be a good time to take a walk and see the future...

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