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The Rock is Rocking and needs your help to keep Rolling

So we are watching history happen as we speak.

The Rock Sports Complex is starting to take shape.  This will be the first full service, private Bike Park in the Midwest.  Folks in the Milwaukee area are going to see that the Ray's phenomenon go summer and they are super stoked!

However as The Rock takes shape they are seeing the need for Certified Instructors, this only solidifies the need for things like our IMBA Instructor Certification Program.  That said, the Rock is looking hard right now to find folks who are interested in becoming instructors.  So if your interested here is the word they are spreading.  This is going to be a pivotal Bike Park as what happens here will be viewed by the rest of the region as a potential model.  So if you want to be a part of history......get ready to Rock! Also thanks to Rock for joining the IMBA Destinations Program!


-- Great customer service skills/experience a necessity.
-- Riding experience preferred.
-- Instruction experience not required - we will train.
-- Onsite Terramethod training scheduled June 6-9.
-- Willing to commit to 15+ hours per week.

Apply by sending email to dflasch [at] zimmventures [dot] com


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