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New Phase Begins for IMBA and Wisconsin Bicycle Federation Partnership

For the past four years as IMBA’s Midwest Regional Director, I have been tasked with supporting off-road cyclists in building and maintaining trails. This work has not always been easy as each state has its own set of challenges.  But one thing is for sure, good help is always appreciated, and moves us closer to better mountain biking.

Two years ago, the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation approached me with the idea of a partnership, one that shared a vision for Off Road Cycling in Wisconsin as well as membership.

I am happy to say this season IMBA and Wisconsin Bike Fed are strengthening that partnership.

This year, Matt Gissbl of the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation will be working with me, as their resident MTB point man, and helping me cover the ever exploding mountain biking scene in the Dairy State. In turn I will be educating Matt on our advocacy needs and the specific challenges and opportunities in Wisconsin.

However as our partnership as evolved, we have come to the realization that our orginal idea and the mechanics of IMBA and WI Bike Fed sharing memberships is not going to work, and therefore will not be offered moving forward.  The crux of the membership sharing was how to easily mesh business systems, a technical issue we have not and won’t be able to resolve.

With all the time and energy we have put in to trying to resolve these technical and mechanical issues of “joint” membership we have come to the realization that the struggle to maintain dual memberships was distracting us from what we are truly looking to accomplish.

In short, our shared goal is to move Wisconsin mountain biking forward.  To create more high-profile destinations, and to improve existing systems as well as better organize our clubs and constituents.

All that said, IMBA and the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation are looking forward to getting to back to the work at hand.

So when you see us or hear from us, let us know how we are doing. Together we will be stronger in the state and will be able to both defend existing trail systems and facilities, while also jumping on future opportunities to create even more robust mountain bike destinations in Wisconsin.

Thanks for working with us now, and in the future!

hansi [dot] johnson [at] imba [dot] com (Hansi Johnson)

— IMBA Midwest Regional Director

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