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Mud season

It looks tempting.  Snow is gone.  That ribbon of dirt, stretching endlessly through the open forest.  But guess what, its mud.  Mud it is.  So please, please try and be patient and let it dry out.  In all my travels I routinely have the "trail cops" conversation.  Funny thing is that IMBA and my job in particular, have nothing to do with policing trails.  We advocate for some best practices though, and if there were one best practice I would take criticism as a "Trail Cop" for it would be to say...stay off the mud!  Huge numbers of volunteer hours, lots of money and a lot more love and passion have gone into your trails, so you too should be telling folks....stay off the mud!  There your trails, protect them and let folks know, the real riding season is not too far away....

One thing I use to stop the temptation?  The old Lemond steel framed work horse with knobby 28's.  It lets me ride the road, the gravel, the dried out cart path and come home guilt free and fit for the upcoming dry single track just around the corner!

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