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IMBA Spirit Mountain Flow Trail School a huge success


Man what a weekend!

Thanks to all of you out there that made the Flow School possible.  Namely, Aaron, Elias and Trail Solutions, COGGS and Spirit Mountain Ski Area.  Of course special thanks to those that attended the school.  We had 31 folks attend the school. Furthest person to come was from New Mexico (Angel Fire Bike Park) and we also had people from Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota and Michigan.  Oh, yeah we also had Gabe from Brazil, but he gets a special mention!  It should also be noted that at least 5 of the folks attending were pro builders as well.

So the two days were packed and intense but the overall response has been extremely positive.  As Dan Hudson mentioned. The key part of the school was the existing Spirit Mountain Flow Trail project.  Without a project to both learn on and also ride on and literally pick apart and yet see in its entirety, we might not have had such a solid educational result.

I do feel that the school achieved its main objectives. It is important to remember that this school and trail came about because of our annual gathering of Upper Midwest IMBA Chapters.  At our last Summit we came up with an action list of things we wanted to achieve as Chapters.  Two of those action items were to create a diversity of riding and also to better dessiminate a higher level of trail building knowledge.

So you can see that after the Chapters asked for it, we delivered.  We delivered a top to bottom Flow Trail, lift served by Spirit Mountain.  We also delivered a school teaching flow trail design and construction techniques, taught by perhaps one of the most talented builders in the country right now.  It is my hope that the folks who attended the school can take this experience and some of the knowledge they have gained and create similar trails in their own communities or at the very least understand the level of quality and skill creating a world class trail requires.

We hope to have another school next stay tuned!

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How has this slipped under the radar???

Obviously SOME people have known about it but this is BIG news and happened a while back! Are there any more projects like this going on as far as flow/gravity that are aligned with IMBA? Also is there any chance of another build course like this going down any time in the future?

Thanks so much for the awesome work!