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IMBA Copper Harbor Ride Center Grand Opening

Last week was a crazy one for me.  It had its ups and its downs but mainly it had ups.  The biggest being the Grand opening of the Ride Center at Copper Harbor.  It had so many great facets.

Perhaps the greatest though was just the plain fact that so many great people have come together over the years to make Copper Harbor the world class off road cycling destination that it is.

I dont have the space to dedicate to all the folks that made this happen but they certainly know who they are, suffice to say that it was a community wide effort.  I am also very thankful that they used IMBA's resources and marketing to gain the status that they have.  I have no doubt that the Copper Harbor Trails Club will use the Ride Center designation to its full extent and they are already asking to upgrade from Bronze to Silver in the near future.

We were also super lucky in the fact that Trek sent Andrew Shandro to the event.  In fact they sent both Andrew Shandro and Aaron Larocque of Pinkbike as well.  Aaron is an extremely accopmplished and talented film maker and his imagery of Copper Harbor will certainly expose the place to a much broader community.  One that most certainly does not have CH on its radar!

In addition IMBA sent Tammy Donahugh as well.  Tammy has worked for IMBA for a long time, however she is also a very talented rider and we were stoked to have her along as well.  Tammy gave instruction to anybody that asked for it and she even stayed late at the bike park to hang with the local crew and keep on jumping.

So the reason we worked so hard to get these folks on the Copper Harbor trails essentially was this.  Certainly we have a lot of talented riders in the UP and in the Midwest, but we dont have high profile riders like Tammy and Shandro to really stoke the media and get the word out to a broader audience.  Thus the idea of having noted, world class riders on any trails that have the IMBA Ride Center Designation (at least in my region).  We had Hans Rey come to our Cuyuna visit last year for the same reason.  Believe me, it is one thing to stand in front of a crowd of people and reporters from the local area and say you have world class trails.  It is fully another when you do it and Andrew Shandro or Hans Rey is standing there as well and not only standing there but grinnning ear to ear because not only do they approve of the trails as world class they also had one hell of a fun time riding them.

You can find other shots on my personal blog as well.

Thanks again Copper Harbor Trails Club!  Nobody deserves the IMBA Ride Center Designation more than you guys!

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